David W. Akers, PE (retired) is a licensed professional electrical engineer, BSEE (electronics), BA (communications). He is the owner of the Polyarts Company, an engineering consulting and electronics design firm based in Washington state, USA. Specialty areas include forensic investigations and problem solving for state and federal agencies, new product design and initial production for numerous industrial/commercial clients, microprocessor-based hardware/software design and integration, teaching at college and university levels in electronics, computer and engineering sciences, and consultation on vocational college curriculum development.

Akers has been actively involved in the investigation and analysis of UAP reports and acquisition of physical measurements of the phenomena since 1967: He has worked with the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), and a number of individual investigators and scientists over the years since 1967.

Most recently, he was the CEO and principal investigator for the non-profit Washington corporation, the Willard J. Vogel Study. The latter organization had the tasks of applying scientific instrumentation to UAP investigation and public education. He is an associate member of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE).

Papers and reports about UAP include Report on the Investigation of Nocturnal Light Phenomena at Toppenish, Washington, August, 1972, Preliminary Report on Magnetic Field Measurments Recorded at Satus Fire Lookout—July, 11, 2001, and a paper presented to the EuroSSE biennial meeting in August of 2007, The Toppenish Field Study: A Technical Review and Update. In pursuit of his passion for public education, Akers has also participated in a number of radio and television programs and documentaries on the subject of UFO/UAP.