Edoardo RussoEdoardo Russo was born in 1959,  graduated in economics, and is working as a tax consultant and chartered accountant in Turin, Italy. Since his teen years he has been active with Italian UFO organizations (Gruppo Clypeus since 1976, Centro Ufologico Nazionale 1978–1985, Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici 1985–present) and with the editorial boards of several UFO publications (Clypeus 1976–present; Ufologia, 1979–1984; Notiziario UFO, 1978–1984; Quaderni UFO, 1981–1983; UFO Phenomena International Annual Review, 1981–1984; UFO­ Rivista di informazione ufologica, 1986–present; Notizie UFO, 1985–2000; and European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies, 2000–2003).

In addition to a few hundred field investigations, in more than 45 years Russo has been the author of many articles published both in Italian and in international UFO periodicals, plus several chapters in UFO books and the UFO Field Investigation Methodology Manual (see Edoardo Russo’s Bibliography). He has often been interviewed on radio, TV, and newspapers, presented some dozens papers at UFO congresses in Italy and abroad, and organized or co-organized quite a few others.

A founding member of EuroUFO Network in 1998, he was named  MUFON National Representative in 1989 and has been MUFON National Director in Italy since 2012.

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