Jan AldrichJan L. Aldrich was born April 14, 1944, and resides in Canterbury, Connecticut. He received a B.A. in history from the University College, University of Maryland. He retired from the US Army with more than 25 years in the field artillery and seven overseas tours. He has had 16 years experience in meteorology with the remaining time in intelligence, personnel, and safety positions. Despite his many overseas assignments, as well as service in the continental United States, Aldrich has had no significant UFO personal experiences.

Since 1995, Aldrich has worked full-time in Project 1947, a research effort funded by CUFOS, the Fund for UFO Research, and the Mutual UFO Network. He has visited over 150 libraries, universities, archives, museums, and historical societies in 46 states and Canadian provinces. He delved into the MUFON UFO case files when he visited Seguin, Texas, the former location of MUFON headquarters.

Over 300 contributors worldwide have submitted more than 10,000 pages of personal accounts, newspaper clippings, reports, and government documents to Project 1947. In 1996, with the assistance of AOL and other researchers, he created a private email computer network, the Project 1947 E-mail Research List, to share and to encourage serious UFO research worldwide.

Project 1947 continues and welcomes further contributions in the collection, research, and analysis of UFO cases from 1947, before 1947, and other early UFO years. It continues to seek data for the year 1947. It is also looking for background material from the 1900–1946 period, the early UFO era 1948–1965, and early scientific and official interest. Project 1947 is also interested in copying significant collections of early UFO materials for archive purposes.

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