Mark RodeghierMark Rodeghier has been President and Scientific Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies since 1986. He earned a BS in astrophysics from Indiana University in 1975 and then completed master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago in sociology. His dissertation, Factors Influencing Attitudes Toward Controversial Research: Quantitatively Disentangling the Social from the Scientific, explores the attitudes toward the study of extraterrestrial intelligence by the scientific community.

He works professionally as a consultant in statistical analysis and data analytics. He has taught numerous workshops on a variety of statistical techniques, authored or coauthored two books on statistics and survey research, and has been principal statistician for more than 80 papers in clinical research, with a recent focus on sickle cell disease.

His UFO-related publications include numerous articles for IUR and the Journal of UFO Studies, and the monograph UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference: A Catalog and Data Analysis (1981).

His work in the UFO field began with CUFOS in 1974, and he has done research and investigation in a variety of areas, including vehicle interference cases, physical trace events, abduction cases, especially the psychology and the sociology of abduction experiencers, and led the CUFOS investigation of the Roswell crash.

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