Volunteer at CUFOSCUFOS is actively seeking volunteers with skills and experience that can contribute to the work of the organization. We encourage anyone who is interested in assisting CUFOS to contact us, but if you have professional skills and training you are more likely to be able to make a contribution. CUFOS activities for which volunteers might assist include:

  • Coding cases for the UFOCAT database
  • Visiting university or government archives to scan/copy material to be added to our own archive
  • Conducting analysis of photos or videos received from UFO witnesses
  • Assisting in CUFOS fundraising to support our ongoing work
  • Conducting oral history interviews of those who have been involved in the UFO field
  • Reinvestigating older UFO cases of note
  • Becoming involved in CUFOS research projects of various types, often involving statistical analysis of UFO databases

If you live in the Chicago or Albuquerque area, the location of our two repositories, you may be able to assist with scanning in case reports and other material, or other projects that can only be done in person.

CUFOS has the largest collection of UFO sighting reports in the world, and our goal is to scan these and make them available to the public and researchers. Well over half of the reports have already been scanned. If you have expertise in web programming, both front and back-end, that you believe would be applicable for such a project, and you are interested, please contact us and we will provide more details.

CUFOS does not require volunteers to make commitments of time, although typically if you are only able to devote a few hours a month to a task it will not be efficient for you, or us, to have you work as a volunteer. There are exceptions, such as the analysis of images, where the amount of time depends on what is received, but being able to regularly devote time as a volunteer will be best. You will enjoy your time volunteering if you work on projects that are personally satisfying, so we always attempt to match projects to volunteers with this principle in mind.

If you contact us about volunteering, please include the following information:

  • Email and phone number
  • Your location
  • A description of your education, professional skills, or experience that you believe to be relevant. You can include a resume/CV, a Linkedin page, or a link to your own website, if you have one
  • Areas in which you are interested and would like to contribute

Use the Contact Form to send us a note, or email us directly at infocenter@cufos.org.

CUFOS has also assisted many people who were new to the UFO field and wanted to become seriously involved, whether with CUFOS or not. So if you aren’t certain about volunteering, but you would like to contribute to the study of the UFO phenomenon, go ahead and contact us and explain your background and what you would hope to accomplish, and we will respond.