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What is the Truth?

History was made one summer day two years after the end of World War II. Nine silvery objects gleaming in the afternoon sun astonished a private pilot, Kenneth Arnold, as they flew at extraordinary speed past Mount Rainier, Washington, “like saucers skipping over water.” Newspapers dubbed these objects “flying saucers” and tallied several thousand sightings over the next two weeks in June–July 1947.

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Experience Anomalies

Human beings in all times and places have reported extraordinary phenomena, typically labeled (either descriptively or dismissively) as “supernatural.” Though reports of UFO-like experiences go back at least several centuries, claimed encounters with supernatural entities seem intrinsic to human life and history.

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The number of UFO sightings reported varies by day, month, and year. There are periods with many reports, such as 1973 in the United States, or 1978 in Italy, but we don’t understand what causes the increase in sightings. Is it an increase in the UFO phenomenon itself, or is it instead an increase in the number of people viewing the sky, or even the willingness or ease of reporting a sighting?

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