Please provide as much information as possible about your sighting for our evaluation. We’ll contact you after reviewing your report.

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Description of Sighting
Please describe your sighting in as much detail as possible. This should include what you were doing when you had the sighting, the specific location, other witnesses, sequence of events, appearance of the UFO(s) throughout the experience (including shape, color, movement, and estimated size), directions in which you were observing the UFO(s), any effects observed on the environment, and how the sighting ended.

Visual Material
If you have photos, videos, or have done a sketch, you can click or drag to the area below to upload them. Illustrations/sketches, no matter how simple, of what you observed are very helpful. A map showing where you were located (taken from an online mapping tool or a drawing) is also of assistance

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Please note that we cannot use anonymous reports for investigation or research. We do respect witness confidentiality and don’t disclose personal information unless witnesses provide their permission (see checkbox below).

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Once we receive your information, we will acknowledge receipt of your report. Not all reports require investigation and we may simply add your report to our case files and electronic database. If we need more details or believe an investigation is warranted, we will contact you.

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