Extract from UFO TimelineAfter an effort of many years, I have prepared a comprehensive timeline of UFO history that will be useful to UFO researchers and historians. “UFOs and Intelligence” is an up-to-date retrospective of UFO history (from the airship of Clonmacnoise to the newly appointed US investigation agency AARO), intertwined with events in US and world history concerning military and civilian intelligence agencies and the cult of secrecy. It is now more than 1,000 pages and more than 910,000 words (including a substantial “Sources and Further Reading” appendix). Readers will discover or rediscover many events, people, and UFO cases they may not be familiar with. Some will find it useful for current or planned research projects. Military cases, those involving commercial aircraft, close encounters involving physical traces and other evidence, reports involving occupants or entities, and events surrounding military and sensitive nuclear sites are emphasized, but this timeline covers the full spectrum of UFO history, from contactee experiences to misidentifications of mundane phenomena and notorious hoaxes. Links to online sources are given, and links to biographical information are provided when available. A timeline like this allows us to view events from a different perspective, letting us make connections we might not otherwise see. It forces us to view the big picture, amid the grand flow of UFO cases, military security decisions, a vast swathe of personalities, and world history. As of 2022, all references have proper bibliographical citations with embedded links; if you have a version with raw URL links, it is an earlier version. When clicking on links, be sure to open them in a new tab or a new window. A special note of thanks to Jeff Knox, a UFO researcher in Oregon who has been helping me improve this document with corrections, additions, and amplifications. Note: This timeline is updated at least once a week. —George M. Eberhart

UFOs and Intelligence — a timeline of UFO events and relevant military intelligence activities