Abduction reports are the most potentially distressing and traumatic of UFO encounters. They purportedly involve direct interactions with the beings from UFOs who often take people against their will from their homes, automobiles, or elsewhere, onboard a UFO. Witnesses are often given some type of examination, may interact with others on the UFO, and be shown information about the future course of events on Earth. Often hypnosis has been used to conduct an investigation because witnesses commonly forget much about the experience, as their captors claim they will.

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction case, 1961Near Lincoln, New Hampshire (the Betty and Barney Hill abduction). On the late evening of September 19 and the early morning of September 20, 1961, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill were returning from a trip to Canada, driving all night to arrive home by morning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They saw a light in the sky and eventually stopped to watch it through binoculars. They continued their trip and the object came even closer and they stopped and observed it again. Barney, again using binoculars, saw not only an object but humanoid figures in large windows. The  Hills’ conscious memory is of getting back in the car and driving home, with no further sighting. After arriving home they had odd sensations, weird effects on their clothing, and found shiny spots on their car. From here things escalated, and eventually Betty wrote to Major Keyhoe and NICAP, requesting an investigation. Eventually the Hills underwent hypnosis, where the details of what occurred as they were taken and examined on the UFO emerged.

NICAP case file

Prospect, Kentucky, entitiesProspect, Kentucky. A 19-year-old trucker was driving on State Highway 329 southeast of Prospect, Kentucky, at 1:05 a.m. on January 27, 1977, when he spotted a rectangular, orange-red object coming down near his jeep. His radio failed 15 seconds into the sighting. He felt compelled to watch the object, which stayed in the vicinity only a short time. When he arrived home, he discovered that it has taken 45 minutes to complete a 7-minute trip. Later under hypnosis, he related being taken inside the object and examined by three strange creatures who were shaped like machines (looking like a giant one-armed tombstone, a 7-foot teletype machine, and a man-sized Coke machine). The electrical system on his jeep went haywire the day after the event.

CUFOS case file

Contact UFO: Alien Abductions (1:23:45) was a 1994 video that CUFOS participated in and was produced by MPI Home Video. The topics covered both contactees and abductees and featured many prominent ufologists of the era.